April 23rd All Events

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April 23rd, 2007 (April 23 2007)DeathPaul Erdman, American economist and author (born in 1932)
April 23rd, 2007 (April 23 2007)DeathDavid Halberstam, American journalist, historian and author (born in 1934)
April 23rd, 2007 (April 23 2007)DeathBoris Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation (born in 1931)Boris Yeltsin Quotes
April 23rd, 2006 (April 23 2006)DeathJohnnie Checketts, New Zealand fighter pilot (born in 1912)
April 23rd, 2005 (April 23 2005)DeathJoh Bjelke-Petersen, Premier of Queensland (born in 1911)
April 23rd, 2005 (April 23 2005)DeathAl Grassby, Australian immigration minister (born in 1928)
April 23rd, 2005 (April 23 2005)DeathJohn Mills, English actor (born in 1908)
April 23rd, 2005 (April 23 2005)DeathRomano Scarpa, Italian-born comic artist (born in 1927)
April 23rd, 2005 (April 23 2005)DeathEarl Wilson, American baseball player (born in 1934)
April 23rd, 2003 (April 23 2003)EventBeijing closes all schools for two weeks because of the SARS virus.
April 23rd, 2003 (April 23 2003)DeathJames H. Critchfield, American Central Intelligence agent (born in 1917)
April 23rd, 2003 (April 23 2003)DeathFernand Fonssagrives, French photographer (born in 1910)
April 23rd, 1998 (April 23 1998)DeathConstantine Karamanlis, Greek politician (born in 1907)
April 23rd, 1998 (April 23 1998)DeathJames Earl Ray, American assassin (born in 1928)
April 23rd, 1997 (April 23 1997)EventOmaria massacre in Algeria: 42 villagers are killed.
April 23rd, 1997 (April 23 1997)DeathDenis Compton, English cricketer (born in 1918)
April 23rd, 1996 (April 23 1996)DeathJean-Victor Allard, Canadian military officer (born in 1913)
April 23rd, 1996 (April 23 1996)DeathP. L. Travers, Australian author (born in 1899)P. L. Travers Quotes
April 23rd, 1995 (April 23 1995)DeathHoward Cosell, American sports journalist (born in 1918)Howard Cosell Quotes
April 23rd, 1995 (April 23 1995)DeathJohn C. Stennis, U.S. Senator from Mississippi (born in 1904)
April 23rd, 1993 (April 23 1993)EventEritreans vote overwhelmingly for independence from Ethiopia in a United Nations-monitored referendum.
April 23rd, 1993 (April 23 1993)DeathCesar Chavez, American labor activist (born in 1927)Cesar Chavez Quotes
April 23rd, 1992 (April 23 1992)DeathSatyajit Ray, Indian filmmaker (born in 1921)
April 23rd, 1991 (April 23 1991)DeathJohnny Thunders, American musician (born in 1952)Johnny Thunders Quotes
April 23rd, 1990 (April 23 1990)EventNamibia becomes the 160th member of the United Nations and the 50th member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
April 23rd, 1990 (April 23 1990)BirthMatthew Dillon Underwood, American actor
April 23rd, 1990 (April 23 1990)DeathPaulette Goddard, American actress (born in 1911)
April 23rd, 1989 (April 23 1989)BirthNicole Vaidisova, Czech tennis player
April 23rd, 1988 (April 23 1988)EventPink Floyd s album Dark Side of the Moon leaves the charts for its first time after spending a record of 741 consecutive weeks (over 14 years) on the Billboard 200.
April 23rd, 1988 (April 23 1988)BirthVictor Anichebe, Nigerian footballer
April 23rd, 1987 (April 23 1987)Event28 construction workers die when the L Ambiance Plaza apartment building collapses while under construction in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
April 23rd, 1987 (April 23 1987)BirthEmily Fox, American cupstacking champion
April 23rd, 1986 (April 23 1986)BirthSven Kramer, Dutch speedskater
April 23rd, 1986 (April 23 1986)BirthJessica Stam, Canadian supermodel
April 23rd, 1986 (April 23 1986)DeathHarold Arlen, American composer (born in 1905)
April 23rd, 1986 (April 23 1986)DeathJim Laker, English cricketer (born in 1922)
April 23rd, 1986 (April 23 1986)DeathOtto Preminger, Austrian-born film director (born in 1906)
April 23rd, 1985 (April 23 1985)EventCoca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke. (The response is overwhelmingly negative, and the original formula is back on the market in less than 3 months.)
April 23rd, 1985 (April 23 1985)BirthAngel Locsin, Filipina TV and movie actress
April 23rd, 1985 (April 23 1985)DeathSam Ervin, American politician (born in 1896)
April 23rd, 1984 (April 23 1984)BirthAlexandra Kosteniuk, Chess Woman World Champion
April 23rd, 1984 (April 23 1984)DeathRed Garland, American jazz pianist (born in 1923)
April 23rd, 1983 (April 23 1983)BirthDaniela Hantuchova, Slovakian tennis player
April 23rd, 1983 (April 23 1983)BirthJennifer Heil, Canadian free style skier
April 23rd, 1983 (April 23 1983)DeathBuster Crabbe, American swimmer and actor (born in 1908)
April 23rd, 1982 (April 23 1982)EventConch Republic is established.
April 23rd, 1982 (April 23 1982)EventThe ZX Spectrum is released.
April 23rd, 1982 (April 23 1982)BirthTaio Cruz, London/English R&B, Pop, Hip Hop singer
April 23rd, 1981 (April 23 1981)BirthSean Henn, American baseball player
April 23rd, 1981 (April 23 1981)BirthJoanna Krupa, Supermodel/actress
April 23rd, 1981 (April 23 1981)BirthChris Sharma, American rock climber/bouldererChris Rock Quotes
April 23rd, 1981 (April 23 1981)DeathJosep Pla, Catalan journalist and writer (born in 1897)
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)EventFighting in London between the Anti-Nazi League and the Metropolitan Police s Special Patrol Group results in the death of protester Blair Peach.
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)BirthBarry Fratelli, Scottish bassist (The Fratellis)
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)BirthYana Gupta, Indian actress & model
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)BirthJaime King, American actress
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)BirthLauri Ylonen, Finnish singer (The Rasmus)
April 23rd, 1979 (April 23 1979)DeathBlair Peach, New Zealand-born anti-fascist (born in 1946)
April 23rd, 1977 (April 23 1977)BirthJohn Cena, American professional wrestler
April 23rd, 1977 (April 23 1977)BirthAndruw Jones, Curacaoan baseball playerCao Cao Quotes
April 23rd, 1977 (April 23 1977)BirthWillie Mitchell, Canadian ice hockey player
April 23rd, 1977 (April 23 1977)BirthKal Penn, American actor
April 23rd, 1977 (April 23 1977)BirthLee Young-Pyo, Korean footballer
April 23rd, 1975 (April 23 1975)BirthJon ?or Birgisson, Icelandic musician and singer (Sigur Ros)
April 23rd, 1975 (April 23 1975)BirthBobby Shaw, American football wide receiver for the NFL
April 23rd, 1975 (April 23 1975)DeathWilliam Hartnell, English actor (born in 1908)
April 23rd, 1974 (April 23 1974)BirthCarlos Dengler, American musician (Interpol)
April 23rd, 1974 (April 23 1974)BirthBarry Watson, American actor
April 23rd, 1973 (April 23 1973)BirthPatrick Poulin, French-Canadian ice hockey player
April 23rd, 1972 (April 23 1972)BirthPierre Labrie, Canadian poet
April 23rd, 1972 (April 23 1972)BirthPatricia Manterola, Mexican singer
April 23rd, 1972 (April 23 1972)BirthSonya Smith, American actress
April 23rd, 1971 (April 23 1971)BirthCharmaine Sinclair, English model
April 23rd, 1970 (April 23 1970)BirthScott Bairstow, American actor
April 23rd, 1970 (April 23 1970)BirthDennis Bayne Culp, American singer/songwriter
April 23rd, 1970 (April 23 1970)BirthSadao Abe, Japanese actor
April 23rd, 1969 (April 23 1969)BirthYelena Shushunova, Russian gymnast
April 23rd, 1969 (April 23 1969)BirthRichard Wolstencroft, Australian Filmmaker
April 23rd, 1969 (April 23 1969)BirthMartin Lopez-Zubero, Spanish swimmer
April 23rd, 1968 (April 23 1968)EventVietnam War: Student protesters at Columbia University in New York City take over administration buildings and shut down the university. see main article Columbia University protests of 1968.
April 23rd, 1968 (April 23 1968)BirthTimothy McVeigh, American terrorist (died in 2001)
April 23rd, 1968 (April 23 1968)BirthPrincess Aisha bint Al Hussein of Jordan Hussein of Jordan Quotes
April 23rd, 1968 (April 23 1968)BirthPrincess Zein bint Al Hussein of Jordan Hussein of Jordan Quotes
April 23rd, 1967 (April 23 1967)EventA group of young radicals are expelled from the Nicaraguan Socialist Party (PSN). This group goes on to found the Socialist Workers Party (POS).
April 23rd, 1967 (April 23 1967)BirthRheal Cormier, Canadian baseball player
April 23rd, 1967 (April 23 1967)BirthMelina Kanakaredes, American actress
April 23rd, 1963 (April 23 1963)BirthPaul Belmondo, French actor and racing driver
April 23rd, 1963 (April 23 1963)BirthMagnus Ver Magnusson, Icelandic powerlifter
April 23rd, 1962 (April 23 1962)BirthJohn Hannah, Scottish actorJohn Scott Quotes
April 23rd, 1961 (April 23 1961)EventAlgiers putsch by French generals.
April 23rd, 1961 (April 23 1961)BirthTerry Gordy, American professional wrestler (died in 2001)
April 23rd, 1961 (April 23 1961)BirthGeorge Lopez, American actor and comedian
April 23rd, 1960 (April 23 1960)BirthValerie Bertinelli, American actress
April 23rd, 1960 (April 23 1960)BirthSteve Clark, English guitarist (Def Leppard) (died in 1991)
April 23rd, 1960 (April 23 1960)BirthClaude Julien, French-Canadian ice hockey player and coach
April 23rd, 1958 (April 23 1958)BirthHilmar Orn Hilmarsson, Icelandic music composer
April 23rd, 1958 (April 23 1958)BirthRyan Walter, Canadian ice hockey player
April 23rd, 1957 (April 23 1957)BirthKenji Kawai, Japanese composer
April 23rd, 1955 (April 23 1955)EventThe Canadian Labour Congress is formed by the merger of the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada and the Canadian Congress of Labour.
April 23rd, 1955 (April 23 1955)BirthJudy Davis, Australian actress
April 23rd, 1955 (April 23 1955)BirthTony Miles, English chess player (died in 2001)
April 23rd, 1954 (April 23 1954)BirthMichael Moore, American filmmakerMichael Moore Quotes
April 23rd, 1952 (April 23 1952)BirthNarada Michael Walden, American musician and producer
April 23rd, 1952 (April 23 1952)DeathJulius Freed, American inventor and banker (born in 1887)
April 23rd, 1951 (April 23 1951)DeathCharles G. Dawes, Vice President of the United States, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1865)
April 23rd, 1949 (April 23 1949)BirthDavid Cross, British violinist (King Crimson)
April 23rd, 1949 (April 23 1949)BirthJoyce DeWitt, American actress
April 23rd, 1948 (April 23 1948)Event1948 Arab-Israeli War: Haifa, the major port of Israel, is captured from Arab forces.
April 23rd, 1948 (April 23 1948)BirthPascal Quignard, French author
April 23rd, 1948 (April 23 1948)BirthSerge Theriault, French-Canadian comedian and actor
April 23rd, 1947 (April 23 1947)BirthGlenn Cornick, British musician (Jethro Tull)
April 23rd, 1947 (April 23 1947)BirthBernadette Devlin, Irish politician
April 23rd, 1943 (April 23 1943)BirthTony Esposito, Canadian ice hockey player
April 23rd, 1943 (April 23 1943)BirthFrans Koppelaar, Dutch painter
April 23rd, 1943 (April 23 1943)BirthHerve Villechaize, French actor (died in 1993)
April 23rd, 1942 (April 23 1942)EventWorld War II: Baedeker Blitz - German bombers hit Exeter, Bath and York in retaliation for the British raid on Lubeck.
April 23rd, 1942 (April 23 1942)BirthSandra Dee, American actress (died in 2005)
April 23rd, 1941 (April 23 1941)EventWorld War II: Greek government and King George II evacuate Athens before the attacking Wehrmacht.
April 23rd, 1941 (April 23 1941)BirthJacqueline Boyer, French singer
April 23rd, 1941 (April 23 1941)BirthPaavo Lipponen, Prime Minister of Finland 1995-2003
April 23rd, 1941 (April 23 1941)BirthMichael Lynne, American film executive
April 23rd, 1940 (April 23 1940)EventThe Rhythm Night Club fire at a dance hall in Natchez, Mississippi, kills 198 people.
April 23rd, 1940 (April 23 1940)BirthMichael Copps, American Federal Government official
April 23rd, 1939 (April 23 1939)BirthJorge Fons, Mexican film director
April 23rd, 1939 (April 23 1939)BirthLee Majors, American actor
April 23rd, 1939 (April 23 1939)BirthRay Peterson, American singer (died in 2005)
April 23rd, 1936 (April 23 1936)BirthRoy Orbison, American singer and musician (died in 1988)
April 23rd, 1936 (April 23 1936)DeathTeresa de la Parra, Venezuelan writer (born in 1889)
April 23rd, 1935 (April 23 1935)EventPolish Constitution of 1935 is adopted.
April 23rd, 1935 (April 23 1935)BirthBunky Green, American musician
April 23rd, 1932 (April 23 1932)EventThe 153-year old De Adriaan Windmill in Haarlem, the Netherlands burns down.
April 23rd, 1932 (April 23 1932)BirthJim Fixx, American athlete and writer (died in 1984)
April 23rd, 1932 (April 23 1932)BirthHalston, American fashion designer (died in 1990)
April 23rd, 1928 (April 23 1928)BirthShirley Temple, American actress and politician
April 23rd, 1926 (April 23 1926)BirthJ. P. Donleavy, Irish American author
April 23rd, 1924 (April 23 1924)BirthChuck Harmon, American baseball player
April 23rd, 1924 (April 23 1924)BirthBobby Rosengarden, American jazz drummer (died in 2007)
April 23rd, 1923 (April 23 1923)EventInauguration ceremonies take place of Gdynia as a temporary military port and fishers shelter.
April 23rd, 1923 (April 23 1923)BirthDolph Briscoe, Governor of Texas
April 23rd, 1923 (April 23 1923)BirthAvram Davidson, American writer (died in 1993)
April 23rd, 1923 (April 23 1923)BirthAntonino Rocca, professional wrestler
April 23rd, 1921 (April 23 1921)BirthJanet Blair, American actress (died in 2007)
April 23rd, 1921 (April 23 1921)BirthWarren Spahn, American baseball player (died in 2003)
April 23rd, 1920 (April 23 1920)EventThe national council in Turkey denounces the government of Sultan Mehmed VI and announces a temporary constitution.
April 23rd, 1920 (April 23 1920)EventThe Grand National Assembly of Turkey is founded in Ankara.
April 23rd, 1919 (April 23 1919)BirthOleg Penkovsky, Soviet double-agent
April 23rd, 1918 (April 23 1918)BirthMaurice Druon, French author
April 23rd, 1917 (April 23 1917)BirthDorian Leigh, American supermodel (died in 2008)
April 23rd, 1915 (April 23 1915)DeathRupert Brooke, English poet (born in 1887).Rupert Brooke Quotes
April 23rd, 1910 (April 23 1910)BirthSimone Simon, French actress (died in 2005)
April 23rd, 1908 (April 23 1908)BirthMyron Waldman, American animator (died in 2006)
April 23rd, 1907 (April 23 1907)BirthFritz Wotruba, Austrian sculptor (died in 1975)
April 23rd, 1907 (April 23 1907)BirthLee Miller, American photographer & model (died in 1977)
April 23rd, 1905 (April 23 1905)DeathGedeon Ouimet, Quebec politician (born in 1823)
April 23rd, 1904 (April 23 1904)BirthDuncan Renaldo, Spanish-American actor (died in 1985)
April 23rd, 1903 (April 23 1903)BirthGuy Simonds, youngest general officer in the Canadian army (d 1974)
April 23rd, 1902 (April 23 1902)BirthHalldor Laxness, Icelandic writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1998)
April 23rd, 1901 (April 23 1901)BirthE.B. Ford, British ecological geneticist (died in 1988)
April 23rd, 1900 (April 23 1900)BirthJoseph Green, Polish-born actor and director (died in 1996)
April 23rd, 1900 (April 23 1900)BirthJim Bottomley, American baseball player (died in 1959)
April 23rd, 1899 (April 23 1899)BirthBertil Ohlin, Swedish economist, Bank of Sweden Prize winner (died in 1979)
April 23rd, 1897 (April 23 1897)BirthLucius Clay, American general (died in 1978)
April 23rd, 1897 (April 23 1897)BirthLester B. Pearson, fourteenth Prime Minister of Canada, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1972)
April 23rd, 1895 (April 23 1895)BirthNgaio Marsh, New Zealand writer (died in 1982)
April 23rd, 1895 (April 23 1895)DeathCarl Ludwig, German physician (born in 1815)
April 23rd, 1894 (April 23 1894)BirthCow Cow Davenport, American pianist (died in 1955)
April 23rd, 1893 (April 23 1893)BirthFrank Borzage, American film director (died in 1952)
April 23rd, 1889 (April 23 1889)BirthKarel Doorman, Dutch admiral (died in 1942)
April 23rd, 1889 (April 23 1889)DeathJules Barbey d Aurevilly, French writer (born in 1808)
April 23rd, 1888 (April 23 1888)BirthGeorges Vanier, French-Canadian soldier and diplomat (died in 1967)
April 23rd, 1882 (April 23 1882)BirthAlbert Coates, British composer (died in 1953)
April 23rd, 1880 (April 23 1880)BirthMichel Fokine, Russian choreographer and dancer (died in 1942)
April 23rd, 1876 (April 23 1876)BirthArthur Moeller van den Bruck, German historian (died in 1925)
April 23rd, 1867 (April 23 1867)EventWilliam Lincoln patents the zoetrope, a machine which shows animated pictures by mounting a strip of drawings in a wheel.
April 23rd, 1867 (April 23 1867)BirthJohannes Andreas Grib Fibiger, Danish scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1928)
April 23rd, 1865 (April 23 1865)BirthAli-Agha Shikhlinski, Russian-Azerbaijani general (died in 1943)
April 23rd, 1861 (April 23 1861)BirthEdmund Henry Hynman Allenby, British general (died in 1936)
April 23rd, 1858 (April 23 1858)BirthMax Planck, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1947)
April 23rd, 1857 (April 23 1857)BirthRuggiero Leoncavallo, Italian composer (died in 1919)
April 23rd, 1853 (April 23 1853)BirthWinthrop M. Crane, 40th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1920)
April 23rd, 1850 (April 23 1850)DeathWilliam Wordsworth, English poet (born in 1770)William Wordsworth Quotes
April 23rd, 1839 (April 23 1839)DeathJacques Felix Emmanuel Hamelin, French explorer (born in 1768)
April 23rd, 1827 (April 23 1827)EventWilliam Rowan Hamilton presents his Theory of systems of rays.
April 23rd, 1827 (April 23 1827)DeathGeorgios Karaiskakis, Greek hero of the Greek War of Independence
April 23rd, 1823 (April 23 1823)BirthAbd-ul-Mejid, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1861)
April 23rd, 1813 (April 23 1813)BirthStephen A. Douglas, U.S. Senator from Illinois and Presidential candidate (died in 1861)
April 23rd, 1813 (April 23 1813)BirthFrederic Ozanam, French scholar (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul) (died in 1853)
April 23rd, 1805 (April 23 1805)BirthJohann Karl Friedrich Rosenkranz, German philosopher (died in 1879) Philo Quotes
April 23rd, 1794 (April 23 1794)BirthWei Yuan, Chinese scholar (died in 1856)
April 23rd, 1794 (April 23 1794)DeathGuillaume-Chretien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, French statesman (executed) (born in 1721)
April 23rd, 1792 (April 23 1792)BirthJohn Thomas Romney Robinson, Irish astronomer and physicist (died in 1882)
April 23rd, 1792 (April 23 1792)DeathKarl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian and adventurer (born in 1741)
April 23rd, 1791 (April 23 1791)BirthJames Buchanan, 15th President of the United States (died in 1868)James Buchanan Quotes
April 23rd, 1781 (April 23 1781)DeathJames Abercrombie, British general (born in 1706)
April 23rd, 1775 (April 23 1775)BirthJ. M. W. Turner, English painter (died in 1851)
April 23rd, 1746 (April 23 1746)BirthFelix Vicq-d Azyr, French physician and anatomist (died in 1794)
April 23rd, 1740 (April 23 1740)DeathThomas Tickell, English writer (born in 1685)
April 23rd, 1725 (April 23 1725)BirthSaint Gerard Majella, Catholic saint (died in 1755)
April 23rd, 1720 (April 23 1720)BirthVilna Gaon, Lithuanian rabbi (died in 1797)
April 23rd, 1702 (April 23 1702)DeathMargaret Fell, English Quaker leader (born in 1614)
April 23rd, 1676 (April 23 1676)BirthKing Frederick I of Sweden (died in 1751)
April 23rd, 1661 (April 23 1661)EventKing Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland is crowned in Westminster Abbey.
April 23rd, 1660 (April 23 1660)EventTreaty of Oliwa is established between Sweden and Poland.
April 23rd, 1635 (April 23 1635)EventFirst public school in the United States, Boston Latin School, is founded in Boston, Massachusetts.
April 23rd, 1628 (April 23 1628)BirthJohann van Waveren Hudde, Dutch mathematician (died in 1704)
April 23rd, 1625 (April 23 1625)DeathMaurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange (born in 1567)
April 23rd, 1621 (April 23 1621)BirthWilliam Penn, English admiral (died in 1670)William Penn Quotes
April 23rd, 1616 (April 23 1616)DeathMiguel Cervantes, Spanish author (born in 1547)
April 23rd, 1616 (April 23 1616)DeathWilliam Shakespeare, English writer and actor (born in 1564) (Julian calendar)William Shakespeare Quotes
April 23rd, 1616 (April 23 1616)DeathEl Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Peruvian writer (born in 1539)
April 23rd, 1605 (April 23 1605)DeathTsar Boris Godunov of Russia (born in ca. 1550)
April 23rd, 1598 (April 23 1598)BirthMaarten Tromp, Dutch admiral (died in 1653)
April 23rd, 1597 (April 23 1597)EventWilliam Shakespeare s The Merry Wives of Windsor is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance.William Shakespeare Quotes
April 23rd, 1521 (April 23 1521)EventBattle of Villalar: King Charles I of Spain defeats the Comuneros.
April 23rd, 1516 (April 23 1516)BirthGeorg Fabricius, German poet, historian, and archaeologist (died in 1571)
April 23rd, 1500 (April 23 1500)BirthAlexander Ales, Scottish theologian (died in 1565)
April 23rd, 1484 (April 23 1484)BirthJulius Caesar Scaliger, Italian philosopher (died in 1558)Julius Caesar Quotes
April 23rd, 1464 (April 23 1464)BirthJoan of France, Duchess of Berry, queen of France (died in 1505)
April 23rd, 1407 (April 23 1407)DeathOlivier de Clisson, French soldier (born in 1326)
April 23rd, 1348 (April 23 1348)EventThe founding of the Order of the Garter by King Edward III of England is announced on St George s Day.
April 23rd, 1343 (April 23 1343)EventSt. George s Night Uprising.
April 23rd, 1229 (April 23 1229)EventFerdinand III of Castile conquers Caceres.
April 23rd, 1217 (April 23 1217)DeathKing Inge II of Norway (born in 1185)
April 23rd, 1185 (April 23 1185)BirthKing Afonso II of Portugal (died in 1223)
April 23rd, 1170 (April 23 1170)BirthIsabelle of Hainaut, queen of France (died in 1190)
April 23rd, 1151 (April 23 1151)DeathQueen Adeliza of England (born in 1103)
April 23rd, 1124 (April 23 1124)DeathKing Alexander I of Scotland (born in 1078)
April 23rd, 1016 (April 23 1016)DeathEthelred II of England
April 23rd, 1014 (April 23 1014)EventBattle of Clontarf: Brian Boru defeats Viking invaders, but is killed in battle.
April 23rd, 1014 (April 23 1014)DeathBrian Boru, High King of Ireland (killed in battle)
April 23rd, 0997 (April 23 0997)DeathSaint Adalbert of Prague, bishop (born in ca. 956)
April 23rd, 0871 (April 23 0871)DeathEthelred of Wessex
April 23rd, 0725 (April 23 0725)DeathWihtred, King of Kent
April 23rd, 0303 (April 23 0303)DeathSaint George, Roman soldier and Christian martyr
April 23rd, 0215 (April 23 0215)EventA temple is built on the Capitoline Hill dedicated to Venus Erycina to commemorate the Roman defeat at Lake Trasimene.

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